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Theory and practice of museum education in cultural space of the system of “new wave Lyceum — higher school”. Part 2. Conditions, trends and prospects of development of modern museum education

L.I. Lurie
80,00 Р

UDC  37.06/.09:069         


L.I. Lurie is Dr.Sci. (Pedagogy), prof.


Discussed are conceptual and methodological problems of development of museum education in the process of creating complicated expositions in educational institutions. The experience of municipal budgetary educational institution “Lyceum No. 1” of the city of Perm was singled out and studied, and mechanisms of organization on it’s basis of activities with the use of deployed expositions were determined. The list of museum expositions, that are capable of forming aura of educational institution, atmosphere of Lyceum, formed under the sign of artifacts of museum’s culture are given. Mechanisms for entering museum education in the cultural space of Lyceum are determined.

Key words: compositional alignment of museum education, artifacts and universals of culture, context, discourse, sign-symbolic systems.



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