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Self-educational skills as basis for cognitive activity of students of suzov under conditions of training of participants of world championship WorldSkills

O.A. Svetlova, Е.А. Ашихмина
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UDC 377.1 (4): 7.092 


O.A. Svetlova is lecturer e-mail: ; and Е. Ashikhmina is lecturer  e-mail: GAPOU MO Energy, Reutov city


Discussed is the problem of specifics of training of college students in professional activities in modern society. Today the portrait of college graduate is being formed primarily in the context of development of the WorldSkills competition movement. Realization of this mission is possible only, if student is not only endowed with necessary qualities, but is also capable of continuous personal and professional development, learns to ask questions. This is particularly facilitated by physical and mathematical training. This activates thinking, prompts to be interested in issues of professional activity, that in turn contributes to realization of goals of GEF SPO TOP-50, i.e. bringing the level of WorldSkills competitors to world level.

Key words: self-educational skills, cognitive activity, competent personality, internet-technologies, student age, distance learning, FSES SPO TOP-50, WorldSkills competitions.



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