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“Arithmetic” by L.F. Magnitsky and his mathematical school

T.G. Kupriyanova
80,00 Р

UDC 002.2: 930.2              


T.G. Kupriyanova is Dr.Sci. (History), prof. at Moscow Polytechnic University e-mail:


Researched is the era of Peter the Great, in which military-political and economic situation in the Moscow state led to a set of reforms, part of which was formation of secular educational system. The idea of it’s creation was formation of the system of civil education. The idea of it’s creation was in continuity of training of cadres. The system had three-stage structure, i.e. primary education was conducted in primary schools, at the second stage practical knowledge was acquired in vocational schools of various departments. At the third stage, theoretical training of highly qualified personnel was conducted.

Key words: school, educational institutions, Sukharev tower, observatory, education, subjects, textbooks, teachers, secular knowledge, training of personnel, Magnitsky’s “Arithmetic”, Kiprianov’s printing house, translated works, manuscripts, engravings, maps.



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