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“The university is science and the realm of sciences”. On the 100th anniversary of the death of V.V. Rozanov

V.N. Bazylev
80,00 Р


V.N. Bazylev is Dr.Sci. (Philology), prof. at Moscow State Linguistic University e-mail:


Examined are principal philosophical pedagogical ideas of one of promi-nent personality of Russian cultural renaissance at the turn of 19–20th centuries V.V. Rozanov. Presented is biography information about V.V. Rozanov, and al-so analyzed is the context of the epoch, accompanying by historical parallels. In detail, presented is content of pedagogical heritage of V.V. Rosanov, as well as actualized are his fundamental pedagogical ideas.

Key words: personality, V.V. Rozanov, Russian pedagogy of 19–20th cen-turies, philosophy of education, Russian university of 19–20th centuries, peda-gogical system.



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