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Formalization as a cause of destruction of higher education in Russia

A.V. Akhlestina, L.B. Erstein
80,00 Р


A.V. Akhlestina is clinical ordinator at A.N. Bakulev’s NMITs SSKh of Minzdrav of Russia e-mail:; and L.B. Ershteyn is Cand.Sci. (Pedagogy), doc. at Higher School of Printing and Media Technologies of Saint-Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design e-mail:


Examined is the problem of formalization of higher education in Russia. Proved is, that formalization of higher education is leading to destruction of it. Criticism of test system of controlling of educational results is given. The essence of formalization of education and principal causes of formalization of education are considered. Conclusion is made, the tendency of formalization of education is in contradiction with general theory of systems. Stated is, that further strengthening of the process of formalization of higher education would result in situation, that exists in society before emergence of formal education. Also proposed are necessary measures fot de-formalization of education.

Key words: higher education, formalization of education, destruction of education, formal education.



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