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Professional education: problems of quality of training specialists

V.P. Solovyov, T.A. Pereskokova
80,00 Р


V.P. Soloviev is Cand.Sci. (Technic), prof. at NUST MISiS e-mail: ; and T.A. Pereskokova is Cand.Sci. (Pedagogy), doc. at branch of NUST MISiS , Gubkin, Belgorod Oblast


Examined is the problem of quality of training specialists in the system of higher education in technical areas (specialties). It is shown, that majority of graduates of secondary general education enter higher education institutions with inadequacy of the level of secondary education to requirements for training, based on the analysis of EGE exams in mathematics and physics. Also shown are results of questionnaire surveys of students of various courses and areas of training (specialties) about future professional career and life goals (beliefs). Considered are ways of transformations in the system of higher education, as to ensuring the quality of training specialists.

Key words: quality, higher education, professional career, goals, aims (values), learning technologies, competencies, classes of teachers.



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