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Heuristic game-debate as method of project education of students of higher educational institutions

O.A. Kornilova
80,00 Р

O.A. Kornilovа is Cand.Sci. (Pedagogy), doc. at Krasnoyarsk State Medical University n.a. prof. V.F. Voino-Yasenetsky e-mail:


Researched is the problem of realization of practice-oriented and competence-based approach to training through implementation of project activity in educational process of higher school. Described is experience of using heuristic game-discussion as method of project learning through a number of interrelated stages, united by design of the project, i.e. research, technological and final. Presented is regulation of organization of heuristic game-discussion as method of project learning in the classroom.

Key words: heuristic game-discussion, project learning, heuristic methods.



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