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Humanitarization of lecturing in philosophy as counteraction against expansion of technical rationality

N.V. Popkova
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N.V. Popkova is Dr.Sci. (Philosophy), Cand.Sci. (Engineering), prof. at Bryansk State Technical University e-mail:


Analyzed are principal opinions, expressing in discussion of direction of lecturing philosophy at higher school. Also shown are principal reasons for this discussion. Presented is analysis of the main function of philosophy in the modern world. Emphasized is, that nowadays danger for culture constitute expansion of technical rationality, that oriented is only on getting effectiveness and covering is other fields of scientifi c activity, in connection with such conditioned is introducing of humanitarian subjects into educational programs. The author’s conclusion is made, that humanitarization of lecturing in philosophy in the system of higher education is the most actual problem in the process of training specialists.

Key words: higher education, philosophy, modernity, worldview, science, technique, rationality, technogenic society.



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