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Independent work of students: problems of organization and conditions of stimulation

G.I. Ibragimov
80,00 Р


G.I. Ibragimov is Dr. Sci. (Pedagogy), prof. at Kazan (Privolzhsky) Federal University e-mail:


Disclosed are factors, determining key role of independent work of students in the system of higher education. Three groups of problems of organization of independent work (at levels of educational program, activity of teacher, activity of trainee) are singled out and systematized according to the criterion “level of design”. Essential characteristic of independent work as a form of organization of educational activity is given. Substantiated is, that the most important condition for increasing effectiveness of independent work is the use of psychological mechanism to stimulate learning activities, supporting student’s motivational involvement in independent activity throughout it’s cycle.

Key words: independence, independent work, problems of organization of independent work of students, conditions for stimulation learning activities.



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