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Comparative comparison analysis of professional education in various countries of the world

R.R. Zakieva
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R.R. Zakieva is Cand.Sci. (Pedagogy), senior lecturer at Kazan State Energy University e-mail:


Discussed are problems of defining theoretical foundations of comparative pedagogical studies of educational systems of Russia and foreign countries, interpreted are works of scientific directions, researches and concepts in foreign and domestic science, and also analyzed is methodical approaches. Comparative pedagogical studies have shown, that the approach to assessing the quality of higher education and professional training of specialists in higher education institutions in developed countries is based on the concept of integrated quality. Conclusion is made, that education in contemporary society is objectively of great importance, thus conditioning the next stage of search of perspective directions of it’s development.

Key words: professional education, system approach, comparative pedagogical research in the field of higher education, education in various countries, content and technologies of higher professional education in developed countries of the world.



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