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Genesis of national higher military conducting education in Russia at the years from 1918th up to 1935th

A.K. Proskurov
80,00 Р


A.K. Proskurov is chief of the orchestra at Perm Military Institute of Troops of National Guard of the RF e-mail:


Examined are prerequisites of emergence of military conducting education in Russia. The purpose of the article is to reveal some questions of training military conductors, to understand what disciplines were introduced into the system of training of military conducting personnel. The study of pedagogical potential accumulated in educational process of military conductors allows to reveal the most important aspects in education and upbringing. In this regard, there is a need to appeal in historical-pedagogical research and to trace genesis of national higher military conducting education in Russia. Military bands throughout their existence played great role in breeding patriotism of military servicemen and civilian population up to present day, confirming actuality of patriotic education. Also studed is uniqueness of military environment, training musicians and conductors.

Key words: conductor, choir of military music, curriculum, educational process, disciplines, genesis, school of musician pupils, inspector, meeting of military bandmasters.




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