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The use of secondary materials in the process of creation of subject of decorative arts

S.Yu. Osipova
80,00 Р


S.Yu. Osipova is senior lecturer at Togliatti State University e-mail:


Presented is analysis of the problem of using secondary materials in the process of creation of subject of decorative arts. Also methods of use of secondary raw materials in the course of training bachelors of art processing of metal are developed. Given is definition of the concept of “secondary materials”, as well as visions on this problem in Russia and abroad. Various examples of use of secondary materials in creation of art objects by foreign and domestic artists are elaborated. Proposed is use of materials on example of profile discipline “Design, technology and production skills”. Also presented are main tasks for educational program of bachelorship, incl. development, designing and production of product in material.

Key words: secondary materials, resources, art, metal processing, higher education, teaching methods.



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