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Formation of professional competences in students of direction “Art of suit and textile by means of computer technologies”

L.N. Turlyun, Н.В. Францева
80,00 Р


L.N. Turlyun is Cand.Sci. (Art criticism) e-mail:; and N.V. Frantseva is senior lecturer e-mail:

at Altai State University


Researched is significance of computer technologies as modern means of professional activity of students of the direction 54.03.03 “Art of a suit and textiles”. Defined is the role of disciplines, connected with studying of computer technologies and computer graphic in educational process on example of studying of discipline “Computer technologies in design of a suit and textiles”. Attention is focused on application of such graphic programs as CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe PhotoShop. Examined is functionality of graphic programs during creation of sketches of models of clothes and their modification due to change of color scheme, invoice and drawing of fabric, transformation of form and choice of various constructive and decorative details and elements. Also considered is the process of ornament building with use of computer technologies.

Key words: designing of suit and textiles, computer technologies, computer graphic, professional education, competences, competency.



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