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Educational book in information society

L.G. Tyurina
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L.G. Tyurina is Dr.Sci. (Philology), prof., editor-in-chief of the journal Alma mater (Vestnik Vysshei shkoly) e-mail:

Researched is anthropology centered approach, using in contemporary education as component of competence approach by creation of educational books, Competence approach dictates to evaluate graduate of high school as to ability and readiness for professional activity. It means, that translated through the book knowledge mustn’t be adopted for future use (knowledge in category “meaning”), but to be called for in the process of it’s adaptation (knowledge in category “sense”, “value”). The text of educational book is key element of educational process, because it is repository of educational information. That’s why the first place nowadays is being moving the problem of studying sense formation and comprehension of educational text and evaluation of it’s efficiency and values. Solution of that problem dictates necessity of research of functioning of educational book in readers environment. In the article are being presented some results of the research.

Key words: educational book, higher education, value, meaning, efficiency, information, pragmatic regulations.


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