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Quality of life and competitiveness of graduates of high school

L.M. Ismailova
80,00 Р

L.M. Ismailova is Dr.Sci. (Philosophy), doc. at Chechen State Pedagogical University e-mail:


Elaborated is the notion of quality of life as indicator of life activity of both individual and society as a whole. The aim of the study is to reveal relationship of quality of life with requirements, applying to graduates of high schools. Defines are levels of indicators of quality of life, and also highlighted is system forming element of these levels, as well as general components, necessary for organization of optimal activity of any person. Researched reasons of satisfaction with work by individuals. Also reasons for increasing demands and quality of education, and identified are quality criteria of graduate from high schools. Emerging market of educational services makes it actual to study preferences of consumers of these services as to identifying priorities when choosing a university and specialty.

Key words: quality of life, individual, society, competitiveness, labor market, organization, efficiency.


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