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Features of training teacher of 21st century

O.A. Svetlova
80,00 Р

O.A. Svetlova is independent researcher, the city of Balashikha e-mail:


Analyzed is the problem of features of training teachers in modern pedagogy. In connection with that, pedagogization of pedagogical education implies change in very forms of education. Currently, the meaning of the concept “educational results” is being changed in many ways: today it is “increment” in personal resources of students, which can be used by solving significant problems for them and society. Described is portrait of school graduate, that, though it has frame-contour character, brings us back to original mission of education, i.e. creation of the individual. The author’s conclusion is made, that nowadays there is necessity in pedagogues, oriented not on translation of knowledge, but on development of students in the process of training, adopting independent decisions in situation of choice and consciously promote innovative pedagogical activity.

Key words: educational results, “increment”, innovative pedagogical activity, mission of education, personal professional improvement.



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