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On the problem of religious philosophical semantics in klavir compositions by I.S. Bach

A.V. Kuznetsova, O.A. Kurganskaya
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A.V. Kuznetsova is Cand. Sci. (Philosophy), head of sub-faculty e-mail:

and O.A. Kurganskaya is Cand.Sci. (Pedagogy), doc.  -mail:

at Belgorod State University of Arts and Culture


Presented is semantic analysis as to intonation lexicon, it’s concretization in musical works by I.S. Bach. With the help of such a tool of cognition, it is possible to specify the “meaningful” intonations in the form of images, making up storyline of Bach’s works. The key to various grounds of semantic analysis is Bach’s musical monogram, by means of which the composer symbolically points to metaphysical reality, or rather implements metaphysical implication. Semantic analysis helps to reveal contents of preludes and fugues, interpret music and Christian religious images. Without this, it is impossible to reach the level of understanding of the multi-faceted specificity of the musical text.

Key words: music, clavier, Bach, semantic analysis, symbolism, metaphysics, associative image.




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