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Group work by training in reading in foreign language

S.S. Dergaeva
80,00 Р

S.S. Dergaeva is Сand.Sci. (Pedagogy), doc. at Northern (Arctic) Federal University n.a. M.V. Lomonosov e-mail:

Substantiated is necessity of organization of group work by training students in reading in English language, and also strategies are suggested, that could be used for organization of the named kind of speech activity. Group work is imminent element of training in foreign language. The author points out the role of group work in development of critical thinking of students, as well as in formation of ability to solve problem situations. Importance of group work for maximization of communication with groupmates is underlined. Conclusion is made, that development of group dynamic is the crucial factor of training in English language as foreign one, because it contributes to forming of self-confidence and mutual trust, feeling of unity between team members and belonging to the group.

Key words: language education, training in English language, English language as foreign one, reading as method and means of teaching, group work, group dynamic, situations of success, problem situations.


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