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Scientific research laboratory in the system of higher professional education

Л.Н. Жуковская, С.В. Костылев, О.Ф. Морозова, Е.А. Ноздренко
80,00 Р

L.N. Zhukovskaya is doc. at sub-faculty; S.V. Kostylev is senior lecturer; O.F. Morozova is Dr.Sci. (Culturilogy), head of scientific research laboratory; and E.A. Nozdrenko is Cand.Sci. (Philosophy), head of sub-faculty at Siberian Federal University e-mail:


Presented is reflexive analysis of the activity of high school’s scientific research laboratory. The authors presented their conclusions on the content of research activity of the laboratory “Creative technologies of sociocultural practice”, created on the basis of sub-faculty of advertising and social and cultural activities of Siberian federal university. Attention is drawn on improving of activity of scientific research laboratory, enabling to introduce innovations into educational process, and to modify the content of research. Conclusion is made, that multistage nature of research activity opens possibility of involving scientists, postgraduates, students and practitioners in joint work, that contributes to success of research and professional growth of university staff.

Key words: scientific research laboratory, scientific school, research team, reflexive analysis, sociocultural practices, competences, professionalism, personal development, scientific and methodological support.



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