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Professional training of young specialists to state administrative service

E.A. Shatskaya
80,00 Р

E.A. Shatskaya is Cand.Sci. (Sociology), doc. at East-Siberian Institute of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia, Irkutsk  e-mail:

Researched is actual problem of modern education, i.e. formation of didactic and psychological conditions, based on intellectual, personal and social activity fjr training of young specialists. The author presents methodology of role-playing game, aimed at formation of primary skills of passage of competition on replacement of vacant posts of the state civil service, having practical orientation, as to professional training of students. Presented methodology was testified in classes during development course of “State and municipal service”. According to results of the training in the form of role-playing game defined are not only insufficiently studied theoretical legal frameworks and identified basic skills, necessary for participation in the competition, but also analyzed is manifested activity of participants in the game.

Key words: professional training, students group, pedagogical technology, role play, contest, state service.



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