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Resource of education and breeding, that is forget. About using of results of research of quality of education

A.N. Mayorov
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A.N. Mayorov is Dr.Sci. (Pedagogy), prof. at Institute of Education of National Research University Higher School of Economics e-mail:


Analyzed are key problems, connected with using of results of evaluation of educational achievements of school persons by their parents. Context of the article consists in necessity of evaluation of entire specter of results of education, fixing in federal state educational standard. In the article presented are examples of various variants of attracting of parents to activity of bettering of quality of education, basing on results of studying of quality of education on different levels. The author shows substantiation of necessary changes into organization, analysis of data and spreading of results of both Russian national and regional programs of evaluation of quality of education.

Key words: quality of education, use of results of evaluation of educational achievements, parents of students, international experience, aims of education.


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