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Accompanying prognosis of individual competence development of student (bachelor, master)

V.I. Teslenko, T.A. Zaleznaya
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V.I. Teslenko is Dr. sci. (Pedagogy), prof. e-mail: and T.A. Zaleznaya is Cand. sci. (Pedagogy) e-mail:

at Krasnoyarsk State Pedagogical University n.a. V.P. Astfyev


Discussed are problems of competence development of student. Offered is innovative approach and tools for identification of projected trends in evaluation of competence development of student as a result of education in accordance with FGOS VO. The main emphasis is made on organization of procedural accompanying prediction of individual educational path of student, approaches to diagnosis of competence development of student on the basis of the authors’ diagnostic cards and construction of mathematical models for organization of corrective aid in motivation of student to self-realization and professional growth. On the basis of experiment, formed are conclusions and recommendations for introduction of methodology of projecting of individual competency development of students.

Key words: projection, prediction of accompanying forecasting, competence development, competence approach, competences, diagnostic evaluation cards, competence characteristics, level of competency development.



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