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Use of pedagogical design in the process of formation of professional motivation of students

T.V. Belenko, I.F. Isaev
80,00 Р


T.V. Belenko is senior lecturer e-mail: ; and I.F. Isaev is Dr.Sci. (Pedagogy), prof. e-mail: at Belgorod State National Research University


Examined is the theme of formation of professional motivation of future pedagogues as the process, requiring new innovative technologies, means and methods. Analyzed is necessity of the use such an instrument during organization training educational process, that would be able to orient students on developing their personalities as professionals, ready to find approach to every category of students. Also given is characteristic of pedagogical design, i.e. amalgamation of pedagogy and art, allowing not only to beget creative product, but also to form psychologically comfortable environment, in which everyone can demonstrate intellectual and research abilities. Presented are results of research in influence of pedagogical design on creation of electronic educational resources in the course of development of professional motivation of students of pedagogical specialties.

Key words: pedagogical design, professional motivation, electronic educational resources, informational educational environment, professional competences.



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