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Application of reference signals method in study of the discipline of “Machine elements”

M.V. Radkevich
80,00 ₽


M.V. Radkevich is Dr.Sci. (Engineering), doc. at Tashkent Institute for Design, Construction and Maintenance of Automobile Roads, Uzbekistan e-mail:


Researched is the problem of learning technical disciplines by students of high educational schools, that requires constant improvement of special methods in teaching of concrete disciplines of professional training. As to the author, in the aim of improving memorization of lecture materials useful is to use so called reference synopses. Analysis of various types of reference synopses shows, that for general engineering disciplines (Machine elements and Applied mechanics), the method of reference signals is most suitable. On the basis of sociological questionnaire, the author’s conclusion is made, that the use of the method of reference synopsis signals opens the possibility for maximal raining of educational results of trainees.

Key words: progress in studies, engineering disciplines, synopsis conspect, symbolic circuit, reference signal.



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