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Annotation and list of key-words to scientific article. Methodical recommenda-tions on implementation of independent work by hearing impaired and deaf students (example of philosophy)

A.A. Shishkina
80,00 Р


A.A. Shishkina is Cand.Sci. (Philosophy), doc. at Izhevsk State Technical University n.a. M.T. Kalashnikov e-mail:


Presented is the analysis of actual direction within national higher education, i.e. inclusive direction. The author focuses attention on peculiarities teaching hearing impaired and deaf students, gives methodological recommendations for performing independent work on the discipline of “Philosophy”. In the article analyzed is practical results of introduction of methodological developments into educational process and the author’s observations, as well as given are examples of clichés and evaluation sheets for writing secondary texts, i.e. annotations and list of key words. Summing up the research, the author points out on concrete complexities, arising in the course of realization of the named activity. Also made is the author’s conclusion about the need of independent work in inclusive education by studying the humanitarian sciences.

Key words: annotation, key words, hard-of-hearing students, independent work, philosophy.



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