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Specific of value-sense selection of students in educational process

N.N. Mironenkova
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N.N. Mironenkova is Cand.Sci. (Pedagogy), doc. at South-Russian State Polytechnic University n.a. M.I. Platov e-mail:


Presented is the study of the problem of meaning centered approach from the standpoint of which meanings “grow” at the point of their intersection (singularity) in value-semantic choice of students. Students depending on specificity of their personal potential, create alternatives (meanings for me and meanings of educational content) according to the criteria of value relationship, personal significance of the problem and orientation to meaning of the future (the content aspect of the approach is the quality of choice on the part of the students’ needs). For comparison of alternatives in educational process and choice of one of the preferred alternatives, students use intellectual, volitional and emotional abilities (the activity aspect of the approach is from the capabilities of the students). In accordance with activity of the personality of students, content of training and methods of it’s implementation unfolds in the logic of subjective construction of value-semantic choice, which provides educational process with character of natural flow, semantic centering and dialogic nature.

Key words: meaning centered approach, students, educational process, types of choices, value-semantic choice, personal potential, subjective construction of choice, alternatives of meanings, positive and negative modalities of alternatives.



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