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Pedagogical activity, it’s types and problems of formation

R.M. Asadullin
80,00 Р


R.M. Asadullin is rector of university, Dr.Sci. (Pedagogy), prof. at Bashkir State Pedagogical University n.a. M. Akmulla e-mail:



Presented are results of complex theoretical analysis, analyzed are content and essence of pedagogical activity and it’s new characteristics, conditioned by modern requirements to profession of teacher. Shown are possibilities of solving strategic and tactical issues of designing and organizing educational process on the basis of innovative notions about pedagogical activity as poly-structural and multi-leveled system, being in difficult mutual relations with other social phenomena. Pedagogical activity is being researched simultaneously with the study of teacher’s personality through his integration of personal professional activity into complete form, possessing internal stability. Such approach allows to identify principles and norms of building modern process of training of teacher.

Key words: pedagogical activity, training of teacher, subject oriented educational process, pedagogical projecting, professionally significant qualities of teacher’s personality.



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