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Development of ecological education at high school by means of visual arts

O.N. Maydibor
80,00 Р


O.N. Maydibor is Cand.Sci. (Pedagogy), doc. at Academy of Construction and Architecture of Don State Technical University e-mail:



Elaborated is the theme of development of ecological education at high school by means of visual arts. As to the author, education of bachelors of design is not only connected with utilitarian assimilation of techniques and actual assimilation of computer graphics. Extremely important is, that in professional activity of designer is being respected ecological culture, creating in environmental objects. The author’s conclusion is made, that ecological education should be necessarily carried out in initial training courses of at bachelorship, and the most effective way for achievement of corresponding aims is fine art as the most accessible and universal educational method.

Key words: ecology, art, culture, bachelorship, design.



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