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Training of graduate of technical high school under conditions of competence approach

M.Yu. Surkin, V.V. Skurlatov, O.V. Bochkareva, L.E. Gavrilyuk
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M.Yu. Surkin is Cand.Sci. (Engineering), deputy to head of sub-faculty e-mail:; V.V. Skurlatov is Cand.Sci. (Engineering), doc. e-mail:; O.V. Bochkareva is Cand.Sci. (Pedagogy), doc. e-mail: at Military Academy of Logistics n.a. General of the Army A.V. Khrustalev, Branch in the City of Penza; and L.E. Gavrilyuk is senior lecturer e-mail:  at Penza State University of Architecture and Construction


Elaborated is the problem of training cadets of military high schools under conditions of competence approach. Actuality of the named problem is conditioned by introduction in the learning process of new educational standard of the 3rd generation of basic educational program of higher professional education. Based on concrete example of one of competences, defined are structural components of competence, complexity of academic disciplines and modules of extracurricular activities, participating in formation of competence, and also schedule of formation of competence and levels of development of competence. Also disclosed is technique of formation of competence of cadets of military high schools, and described are three basic stages of such, i.e. identification of structural components of competence, displaying of entirety of structural components, and development of test materials for verification of level of formation of structural components of competence and competence as a whole.

Key words: FGOS of 3rd generations, competence, structural components of competence, level of formation of competence, learning discipline, complexity, schedule.



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  2. FGOS VPO in the direction of training (specialty) 170400 “Shooting cannon, artillery and rocket arms”.