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Modeling of the process of education as prerequisite of identification of risks at high school

O.V. Sviridenko, E.V. Komerzan
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O.V. Sviridenko is Cand.Sci. (Engineering), doc. e-mail:; and E.V. Komerzan is Cand.Sci. (Engineering), doc. e-mail:

at Moscow City Pedagogical University


Discussed is importance of higher education with requirements, imposed on such by modern society. Determined is urgency of solving of the problem of management of risks in the sphere of education. Performed is systematic analysis and decomposition of structure of educational process, aimed at identifying elements from most of such under risks. Proposed is methodic for working out of functional model of the process of education. On the basis of such methodology, with use of special means of description and research of methodology of functional modeling IDEF0, presented are developed by the authors context and subsidiary diagrams of education. Also substantiated is importance of developed by the authors functional model for improvement of resultness and effectiveness of educational process.

Key words: higher education, education process, system analysis, decomposition, quality of education, risk, functional model.



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