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Course projecting as key link in modern educational technology for training of engineer

A.A. Dorofeev
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A.A. Dorofeev is Cand.Sci. (Engineering), Dr.Sci (Pedagogy), prof. at Bauman Moscow State Technical University e-mail:


Elaborated is actual theme of course projecting as key link in modern educational technology for training of engineer. Defined are character features of “Russian school of training engineers”. Among them the author details such system didactic functions of course projecting, as integration of inter-disciplinary knowledge with accumulation them on the level of skills and experiences, motivation of cognitive activity, formation of mental invariants, relating to engineering creativity, breeding as components of general cultural and professional competences. Also proposed is the author’s taxonometry for educational results with indicators of evaluation of project on the level of activity accumulation of knowledge, taking into account characteristics of effectiveness and grade of novelty of gained solutions.

Key words: “Russian school of training engineers”, course projecting, knowledge, skills and experiences, breeding, competences, taxsonometry of educational results.



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