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Educational motivation of students at medical high school and possibility of it’s improving

I.G. Malakhova, A.E. Shklyaev
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I.G. Malakhova is Cand.Sci. (Medicine), assistant; and A.E. Shklyaev is Dr.Sci. (Medicine), doc. at Izhevsk State Medical Academy e-mail:


Presented is research work of the most important condition of ensuring the effectiveness of training activities for teacher of higher educational institution, i.e. knowledge of motives, available by student. Motivation for training runs, directs and supports efforts of student to learning activities, and the quality of assimila-tion of knowledge by students depends on their level of motivation. Today one of the most urgent tasks of higher medical education is to develop in students ade-quate motivational structure of educational activity for the purpose of acquiring high professional competence. The authors investigated the structure of external and internal motivation of educational activity of students of secondary courses at medical academy, and also showed proportion of individual components of such. Based on own teaching experience, proposed are possible ways of im-provement of learning motivation.

Key words: educational motivation, higher medical education, teaching techniques.



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