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Patriotic upbringing as factor of social political socialization of Russian student youth

O.A. Koryakovtseva, S.L. Talanov
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О.А. Koryakovtseva is Dr.Sci. (Politic), prof. e-mail:; and S.L. Talanov is Cand.Sci. (Social Studies), doc. e-mail:

at Yaroslavl State Pedagogical University n.a. K.D. Ushinsky


Discussed are basic problems of social and political socialization of students in universities. It is stated, that among students is to be present dysfunctionality of political practices, representing itself in distancing from participating in social and political life. Noted is, that socializing influence of youth organizations on formation of personality has fragmentary) character. Survey results show, that only students, who already participating in socio-political youth organizations, are characterized by clearly expressed readiness to activity for welfare of the country, respect for it’s historical past. In general, students are quite indifferent to socio-political practices, associated with extremism and radicalism. Also proposed are some measures, aimed at improving efficiency of the process of civil patriotic upbringing of students.

Key words: patriotism, socio-political education, social and political socialization and re-socialization, youth, political and civic identity.



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