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State as main link at the market of educational resources

K.A. Mamedova
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K.A. Mamedovа is post-graduate student at Saratov Socio-Economic Institute of Plekhanov RUE e-mail:


Described is the role of the state as the main element in the market of educational resources. Noted is that primary role of the state is in financing of the sphere of education, conducting quality control of services provided, provision of benefits and social payments to low-income families and disabled and of course in creating prestige and image of university in the eyes of consumers of the market of educational resources. Also noted is, that the state pays great attention to quality of education, pursuing policy of accreditation of producers of educational products and certification of educational programs. The article stresses, that state regulation of the system of higher education is being based on achievement of four goals of such, i.e. improving of accessibility, quality of education, it’s efficiency and competitiveness.

Key words: educational resources, accreditation, certification, export of education, continuity, competition, human capital.



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