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Integration of interactive training techniques and digital technologies in medical education

M.I. Vansvanov, U.R. Mirzakulova, I.V. Baskakova, A.B. Khadzhieva, E.K. Ilyasova, M.A. Uristenov
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M.I. Vansvanov is Cand.Sci. (Medicine), director of studies e-mail:; U.R. Mirzakulova is Dr.Sci. (Medicine), head of sub-faculty e-mail: ; I.V. Baskakova is Cand.Sci. (Medicine), director of department e-mail: ; A.B. Khadzhieva is Cand.Sci. (Economy), director of department e-mail:; E.K. Ilyasova is master student e-mail: ; and M.A. Uristenov is doctor intern e-mail:

at Kazakh National Medical University n.a. S.D. Asfendiyarov, Kazakhstan


Presented is the analysis of experience in integration of digital technologies with interactive training methods on example of “business game” by studying of the theme of “Non- fractures of upper jaw” of the discipline “Gnathic and Maxillofacial Surgery” by students of KazNMU n.a. S.D. Asfendiyarov. Shown is characteristic of used during experiment electronic textbook, informative didactic units on the basis of program application of “minitest” editors of cone-beam (3D) computer tomographies, and also traditional forms of training and methodological support (text, pictures, cards, questionnaires). As to results of the analysis, the authors make conclusions about significance of using of program technologies for optimization of effectiveness of active forms of educational process, advantages of using of interactive training techniques and digital technologies in medical education, and also highlight stages of the process of integration of the named methodic of education into class studies.

Key words: digital technologies, interactive methods, electronic educational text-book, program application, editor, medical education.



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