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Organizational climate and individual psychological qualities of personality of participants in educational breeding process in educational cluster “institute-college”

R.S. Nagovitsyn, A.V. Tutolmin, L.V. Chubukova, P.B. Volkov
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R.S. Nagovitsyn is Dr.Sci (Pedagogy), assistant professor

e-mail:; A.V. Tutolmin is Dr.Sci (Pedagogy), prof. e-mail: ; L.V. Chubukova is PhD (Economic), assistant professor e-mail:; and P.B. Volkov is lecturer e-mail:

at Korolenko Glazov State Pedagogical Institute


Presented is definition of main factors of socio-psychological atmosphere in faculty staff and students with identifying influence of individual-psychological qualities of personality on the level of stress steadiness in educational cluster “institute – college”. Noted is that in under conditions of reforming of educational system presents moral tension. In situation of tension, there is occurring loss of work ability, and also slowing of tempo of work. The main factor of increasing of level of tension is unawareness about features of upcoming merger of educational institutions, organization of educational breeding process, lecturing load, and working conditions. Another important factor is individual psychological qualities of person. Results of the study could be used by conducting psychological studies in midst of student youth, and lecturers during reorganization of educational institutions, their mergers into big scientific and educational centers.

Key words: educational cluster, organizational climate, individual psychological qualities of personality.



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