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M. Heidegger: analytics of human being in the context of education

S.V. Volkova
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S.V. Volkova is Cand.Sci. (Pedagogy), doc. at Petrozavodsk State University



Presented is the author’s analysis of philosophy of M. Heidegger as to revealing of existential analytics of German thinker in connection with the phenomena of education. Having Dasein as starting point, the author notes that the self of child is existing in continuous tension between conflicting poles of self and not self modus of human being. In the center of the research, there is the concept of “care” nominated. Analyzing variations of existential of care, the author is showing, that in the context of education, where leaping-in solicitude dominates, becomes inauthentic and alienating character. Re-building of real, i.e. authentic for specific of human being character of education is being connected with protective fried care. The author specially dwells on the fact, that the most important factor in realization of protective fried care in the sphere of education is organization of educational process in the form of dialogue.

Key words: care, authentic, Heidegger, philosophy of education, ontology, Dasein.



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