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Creative work as excellent, extremely heavy and wonderfully joyful work

B.R. Mandel
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B.R. Mandel is Cand.Sci. (Pedagogy), prof. at Novosibirsk Humanitarian Institute, Dr.Sci., honoris causa of International Academy of Natural History



Analyzed is the theme of creative work as heavy and simultaneously joyful work. The author in detail elaborates actual problem about essence of pedagogical creativity and it’s aspects. Described are basic principles of pedagogical creativity, as well as characterized are components of it’s structure. Presented is the author’s reflection on how might be maintenance of that activity of pedagogue. The author’s conclusion is made about the need of purposeful work on formation and development of that component of scientific pedagogical process. Also defined are possible perspectives of corresponding work.

Key words: modern pedagogue, pedagogical creativity, professional level, creative personality, creative potential, individual style.