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Axiological approach in professional training of students

E.V. Sevba
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E.V. Sevba is teacher at Vyazma forestry college n.a. N.V. Usenko



Presented is substantiation of axiological approach to formation of experience of practical activity of student, that is being regarded as integrated quality of personality, determining orientation of motives, methods, content of creative self-realization in the process of making of conscious life. Formation of such kind of experience is being realized through principles of value self-determination and enrichment of students’ activities by moral content in the process of constructing pedagogical situations, directing towards value meaning of choice. Conclusion is made, that situations of self-selection choice of practical activity allow actualize resource of student’s personality, include him into creative life with constant reflection of her purposes and meanings and create conditions for value self-determination of student and his creative self-realization.

Key words: axiological approach, values, professional training of student, experience of practical activity of student, pedagogical situations.


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