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On criteria of evaluation of publishing efficiency

N.A. Samoylov
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N.A. Samoylov is Dr. Sci. (Techn.), prof. at Ufa State Petroleum Technological University



Analyzed are factors of objective and subjective character, influencing publication activity. Considered are most typical situations, leading to decrease in effectiveness of publications as to results of scientific works. Shown is, that the term od “publishing activity” as to it’s quantitative content cannot characterize quality of scientific papers of particular researcher, and must be replaced by the term of “publication efficiency”. Also noted are deficiencies of Hirsch Index (h-index) and f-index from positions of publication effectiveness. Proposed is as characteristic of publication effectiveness using of single criterion, i.e. integral index of publication efficiency (IPE), evaluating all totality of published papers on their citation, based on calculations of statistical moments of that function of distribution.

Key words: publishing activity, publishing efficiency, Hirsch index, f-index, integral index of publication efficiency.



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