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On the need in new methodology for Russian humanitarian studies

E.A. Avdeeva, Yu.N. Koreshnikova
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E.A. Avdeeva is Dr.Sc. (Philosophy), Cand.Sc. (Pedagogy), head of sub-faculty at State Medical University n.a. prof. V.F. Voyno-Yasenetsky e-mail:; and Yu.N. Koreshnikova is analyst of International research laboratory of quality of education at NRU “Higher School of Economics” e-mail:


Analyzed is the problem of new methodology for Russian humanitarian studies. Emphasized is, that contemporary philosophy and philosophy of education gained impressive experience, as to the phenomenon of humanization. Also generated are lot of approaches, called himself humanitarian. But up to nowadays, there is lack in single philosophical understanding of what is happening, and that resulted is in heuristic disorientation and also epistemological vacuum. The authors formulate possible variant for solution of the named problem. They state, that development of humanitarian studies needs to be in search of new methodological platform for analyzing humanitarian events, as well as single methodological paradigm for the whole humanitarian community discourses. As such, the authors present onto-anthropology, that would enable to construct new field of humanitarian studies, new theoretical approaches, and new ways of co-integration of humanitarian theory and practice.

Key words: humanity, humanitarization, humanitarian studies, ontology, anthropology, onto-anthropology.



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