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On electronication of education

Yu.V. Karyakin
80,00 Р

Yu.V. Karyakin is cand. of Engineering, expert at Tomsk Polytechnic University E-mail:

Analyzed is widely cultivated process of electronication of education as socio-cultural phenomenon. By method of comparative analysis given is the author’s prognosis of further development of technology of education under conditions of general network communication, migrating to loss of profession of teacher. Explicated is alternative to pedagogical onto-genetic approach to organization of cognition in educational process. Innovation is oriented on development of training potential of teacher on the basis of re-organization of knowledge environment of education into cognitive knowledge environment. Conclusion is made about necessity of orientation of teacher not on education in traditional meaning, but on tutoring of self-educating individuals, curating of their search cognitive activity and taking part in joint scientific research activity with students.

Key words: process of electronication, technology of education, network communication, organization of cognition in educational process.


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