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On the problem of art-pedagogical understanding of general developmental programs of children art schools

V.P. Anisimov
80,00 Р


V.P. Anisimov is cand. of Pedagogy, Assoc. Prof. at Tver State University



Analyzed are basic factors of general development of art education in national system of children art schools as perspective model of art-pedagogical competence of art school’s teacher. Shown is content of general developmental activity of art school’s teacher as individually electoral spiritual and cognitive processes of perception, attention, memory, imagination and thinking on the basis of emotionally warm relationships with others, providing sense of security and freedom of child’s self-creation. Preventive function of art in characterological harmony of child’s personality under conditions of children school of arts presents itself as content of individual trajectory of development in the system of art education, that requires from art school’s teacher art-pedagogical competence.

Key words: art pedagogics, general development programs, sense of security (protection), cognitive needs of child.



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