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Basis of formation of students’ competence during independent work in the course of mathematics

M.B. Sadykova, A.S. Turdakunova
80,00 Р

M.B. Sadykova is senior lecturer

at Kyrgyz National University named after Zh. Balasagyn


A.S. Turdakunova is senior lecturer at Kyrgyz State University of a name of I. Arabaev


Analyzed is practical importance of computer technologies in the process of independent work of students during training lessons in mathematics. Examined are fundamental problems of mathematical education at pedagogical  high schools. Elaborated is the role playing by mathematics in raising effectiveness of education, as well as determined are methods of raising professional competence of future pedagogues. Also described are tools and means for activization of independent cognitive activity of students as to the course of mathematics.

Key words: independent work, formation of professional competence, education, innovative technologies.



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