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International scientific conference "Contemporary Global Demographic Problems: Migrations and Migration policy» at 2011, November, 29-30, Moscow

 Dear colleagues!

             We invite you to take part in International scientific conference "Contemporary Global Demographic Problems: Migrations and Migration policy» at 2011, November,   29-30, Moscow.  
            Conference organizers : Russian State University for the Humanitarians  (RSUH), Scientific Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences on Historical Demography and Historical Geography.
Arrival day - 28, November; Departure day -  1, December. Organization payment is not provided.
            1) «New resettlement of people» in a context of globalization.
- the basic directions of migrations in modern world;
- categories of migration (legal, illegal, labor, “brain drain” etc.);
- migration movements in the various countries.
            2) Migration management. Experience of different countries in field of international conflicts resolution;
            3) Migrants adaptation: employment problems, formation, language barrier overcoming, social security, health services, migrants health etc.
            4) Migrations and their influence on ethnodemographic population structure (change of ethnic structures, reproductive behavior, international marriages);
            5) Tourism as a special migration category;
            6) History of migration movements in Russia and abroad;
            7) Researching of migration processes in Russian and foreign scientific literature.
Materials of a conference will be published in collection of articles.
            Request for participation in conference: application (Last Name (Surname), First Name, Middle Name (Patronymic), Academic degree, Academic title, Country, Organization (place of work or study), Position, Contact phone, E-mail, Title of paper) and text of your paper (under 12 sheets, including bibliography). end confirmation of your request by 2011 July, 20 to organizing committee by e-mail:;
            Postal address: Miusskaya sq, 6, Moscow, GSP-3, 125993, Russia. Division of World Politics and International Relations. building 6; office 271.  To secretary of organizing committee Timoshkina M.P.
With any questions related to requests reception and paper formatting contact:
499-766-13-75 (Zhyromskya Valentina Borisovna);
499 - 235-98-58 (Aralovetz Natalia Arkadevna)
Inform us if you need hotel reservation.
1. Save your paper in MS Word 97–2003 format. File name should include number of conference section and surname of first author (for example, 2_Ivanov_paper.doc). Use Times New Roman font with 12 typesize, line-to-line spacing – 1,5.
2. Every table and picture should have title and number. The references on table and picture should be in text.
3. The references to table sources settle down it (not in footnote)
4. The name of drawing and the comment settle down it, italics
5. Use footnote function.
6. If there are reductions, the list with decoding is applied.