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Repeated generalized course on lecturing in history

A.B. Izyumsky

UDC 94(470+571):37       


A.B. Izyumsky is Cand.Sci. (History), doc. at Rostov Institute for Raising Qualification and Further Training of Personal of Education e-mail:


Presented is critical analysis of the content of a number of studying books of so called united line as to national history. In particular, analyzed are re-making versions of books of number of national publishing houses, specializing in the sphere of education. Special attention of the author is being paid to studying book for class 11th “History of Russia up to the year of 1914. Repeated generalized course”, published by “Russian letters” publishing house in the year of 2019.

Key words: text-books of united line as to national history, stereotype publications, re-working publications, lectures in history.