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Foreign students’ perception of lectures in traditional and electronic forms

E.Yu. Vasilyeva
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E.Yu. Vasilieva is Dr.Sci. (Pedagogy), prof., head of sub-faculty at Northern State Medical University e-mail:


Revealed are peculiarities of foreign students’ perception of traditional and electronic lectures, defining the most popular types of lectures for improving theoretical training of future doctors. The study is based on experiment on introduction of electronic lecture course, followed by survey of respondents. A survey was conducted, that reveals, how students perceive electronic lectures, and what demands respondents make to lectures. Conclusion is made, that foreign students prefer to receive theoretical training, working with lecture material in virtual learning environment. Also principal criteria, they are guided by when choosing the form of presentation of lecture material are defined.

Key words: blended learning, perception, electronic lecture, traditional lecture, electronic learning environment, Moodle, medical education, foreign students, questionnaire.



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