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Contradictions of Russian universities educational practice under new legal conditions

N.V. Medvedeva
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N.V. Medvedeva is Dr.Sci. (Sociology), doc., head of sub-faculty at Saratov state University n.a. N.G. Chernyshevsky e-mail:


Discussed is the problem of practical realization of professional standards and FGOS VO, managerial educational contradictions, arising after implementation of these documents. The analysis is conducted with the aim to define directions of corrections of local normative base, development of educational activity, and modernization of managerial mechanisms in Russian universities. Also formulated are principal demands to educational level of persons of professor teaching staff of universities, results of educational training personnel composition, implementing competence approach and methodical support of basic professional educational programs. The author predicts scenarios of changes in educational practice in Russian higher education while maintained are described contradictions, and determines areas in the sphere of searching solutions for elimination of such.

Key words: changes in normative regulatory framework in higher education, professional standard of pedagogues of professional education, labor functions and labor activity of university staff, actualization of FGOS, contradictions of Federal normative regulatory base and educational practice in Russian universities.



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