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Priorities of military education in the context of national interests and cultural traditions of Russia

S.A. Danilchenko
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UDC 1:378:355


S.A. Danilchenko is Cand. Sci. (Philosophy), Ass. Prof., Head of the Department of Humanitarian and Socio-economic disciplines at TOVVMU n.a. S.O. Makarov e-mail:


Researched are priorities of military education in the context of national interests and cultural traditions of Russia. The author reveals the problems of organizing military education associated with the change of global ideology and the loss of ideological foundations within the country, the adoption of Western models of education that contradict national cultural traditions. Based on the needs of the state, the author identifies priorities in organizing the training of military specialists. The most important of them are the education of a warrior’s personality, that is, the formation of moral and combat qualities as the basis for the training of military specialists and the expansion, in connection with this, of the interpretation of “competence”, as well as a change in the ideology of the development and content of the Federal state educational standard (FSES) for the training of military specialists.

Key words: military education, ideology, priority, personality of a warrior, moral and combat qualities, Federal state educational standard (FSES).



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