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Higher education in DNR: problems and perspectives

A.S. Kirizleyeva, E.G. Plotnikova
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A.S. Kirizleyeva is Cand.Sc. (Economy), doc. at Donetsk State University of Management e-mail:; and E.G. Plotnikova is Dr.Sc. (Pedagogy), prof. at National Research University “Higher School of Economics” e-mail:


Presented is analysis of current of the system of higher education of Donetsk People’s Republic (DNR), unrecognized by the world community, located at the epicenter of fading, then growing military activities. The analysis is made, based on both statistical data and the authors’ personal observations. Pointed is that the system of professional education nowadays began to revive, and the most significant changes have affected higher education, i.e. re-registered are existing and opened are new universities, adopted is new list of areas of training directions and specialties, and developing is re-orientation of educational from Ukrainian to Russian. Also discussed are problems of quantitative and qualitative composition of the contingent of students, lecturing and professors staff, organization of educational process, development of educational standards and programs, accreditation of educational institutions.

Key words: professional educational system, higher education, organization of educational process at university.



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